There are machines for everything now. Take the simplest thing as drinking water – the water that a normal Indian drinks  is

  1. pumped out from the ground using a pump,
  2. lifted to their overhead tank using a booster motor,
  3. purified using a reverse osmosis water purifier sold by a lady who never seems to grow old
  4. made cold in a refrigerator

This is a mind boggling number of machines for just drinking a glass of water,

And I believe it is safe to say that there are more to come.


Soon there will be machines that do everything for you. They will work in offices, work at home and might just breathe for you someday. It is okay till breathing, what if machines starting facebook updates on your behalf ? Tweeting about the amount of income tax you paid because a celebrity did the same ? and worst posting pics of your vacations without first applying filters ?

Even now, if you think about it, this has already started thanks to computers, vacuum cleaners and ventilators (Not criticising them….yet)

I know what you’re thinking right now (that too without Google).

Why do I have so much problem with this? All these inventions are ultimately helping us, so, what’s the problem?

Well, that is how it starts.

Something to ponder over:

If we invent machines that have all the information and does all the calculations for us, we will never need to use our brain again. So, over a few generations we might just become complete idiots with zero IQ incapable of doing anything without machines, Yeah? (NOTE: It m̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶  has already  started ). That means we will stop fixing the machines and upgrading them and they will eventually get old and rusty.

So now imagine, a 100 years from now there is an inventor whose great grandfather, also an inventor, invented a machine that invents smaller machines that  invents stuff. But if the machine is inventing everything on its own, what is the work of that inventor? Now, one fine day, this machine, on which his livelihood depends, breaks down and the inventor does not know how to fix it.

Do you see the paradox? We will be completely dependent on machines but will be unable to build them or fix them.

What will we do then?  Will it be the Judgement Day ?

Can’t we just do something now?

Well, I can’t say be completely independent and stop using machines because, I know even I won’t be able to live that way. But for the sake of the brains of our future generations, do something on your own too! DO NOT let them forget they also have to use their own heads and make new inventions and discoveries.